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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Smash book

Smash books are my newest obsession!  I am not even sure where this blank book came from! The concept is perfect for me. Just gather up the stuff in you life and smash it in there. There really are no rules.This is a new craze (at lest to me) in scrapbooking.
I went looking through my craft stash and I have a few blank journals that will become smash books. I noticed that Close To My Heart has a blank journal they call a Crush  Book. I beleieve it is the same idea. Since I am no longer a consultant I am not positive.
 Below is my first Smash book.There are also some photos of my pages. As you can see it is random scrapbookking! No rules, just pure fun! I am not sure why this is so much fun but, it really is! I have seen lots of different kinds of blank books being used. Something as simple as a wire bound notebook to a fancy book made just for smashing. I will show you some of my other Smash books later this week. Have you been Smashing anything? I highly recommend it!

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