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Friday, July 4, 2014

DIY Wax Paper Transfer

The sign I made
The DIY wax paper transfer method really works! I was so skeptical! I read about several DIY methods for transfering images in order to create decrotive items on the Graphics Fairy website.
(This is a fantastic website and I have spent hours looking at all the terrific images available there. Many items are available as a mirrored image so that it can be transfered onto another surface. Below is the image I downloaded.)

The Wax Paper method seemed like the easiest for me.

You need the following items:
Wax paper
Wood, fabric or other surface
A rubbing tool like a popcycle stick or spoon.
Spray bottle for misting the wood

Basically, I cut a piece of wax paper to
8 1/2 x 11 inches and fed it into my Lexmark 4650 printer.
Next, I lightly misted a section of 1 by 10 inch piece of pine board. I then laid the wax paper ink side down, onto the board. Then, I rubbed the wax paper with a popcycle stick.
VIOLA! The ink went onto the wood and I have a new sign!
Mark has a router bit called a keyhole bit. He is going to use it to create a keyhole on the back of the piece of wood as a way to hang my sign.
 I think the plain wood is a little boring so I am going to experiment with white wash for the next attempt. I also want to somehow "ink" the edges to age the sign.
If you have been wondering about making a DIY sign I found it to be super easy once you have a piece of wood.
In the future, after I perfect the wooden sign, I want to try placemats and maybe a burlap pillow.

The mirrored image I downloaded from The Graphics Fairy

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