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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY Jewlery Organizer from a Picture Frame

I needed this jewlery organizer 
a long time ago! 
Usually my earrings are a big ol' mess all over my dressser. My husband complains about the cluttered look and it has been impossible to dust.
I used an old picture frame, eyelet, white cup hooks, and thumb tacks to make this wonderful organier.The frame is pretty big because I make jewery and so does my Mom and sisters. I have a lot of earrings.
I have seen several DIY organizers on Pintrest and my Daughter-in-law makes a hair accsesory organizer. Picture frames are the common denominator in all the organizers. Many have screen or wires to hang the jewlery from. I have found that my earrings  tarnish very quickly when in contact with metal. I was thinking I would use thin ribbon. Then I had a brillant idea. EYELET! That was it.  I jumped out of bed got dressed and ran downstrirs and dug out all my old pictures.

(This room is going to get new paint and new carpet by August 5th. This is all part of a larger makeover for the bedrooms in our house. More on that later.) Below is a list of supplies used and some instructions.

Picture frame
butter knife
Eyelet or lace
Thumb tacks
Cup Hooks

This is my old picture stash. Quite a collection! I wasn't sure which frame I wanted so I pulled all the pictures apart and then selected the biggest one! Not too suprising.

Most picture frames look like the one below. Bend the prongs up that hold the back and glass in. Throw the back and glass away or, if you are like me, keep both  for some unknown project in the future. I believe there is a name for this I call it recycling, my husband calls it horading!

Once you have selected a frame. Get out your eyelet or lace. I actually used some of both. Again, I just went to my sewing room and got out a baggie full of lace and eyelet. Most is from making baby blankets for my boys. My baby will turn 26 in September. I am telling you I never throw anything away!
Next, I measured and cut the lace and eyelet. I didn't get very precise on measurements. I started in about the middle and added one row about two inches above the middle row and another two inches below the middle. I continued like that until I got to the top.
Finally, I added te earrings and quickly discovered that the lace and eyelet needed to be much tighter. I took off all the earrings and adjusted all the rows. My suggestion is to pull them really tight from the begining. I would also suggest using 100% cotton eyelet. Polyester stretches a lot. If you look in the picture you can see some droopy rows, they are polyester. I MIGHT replace them. So far it hasn't bothered me. Sometimes things like that irritate me, but this doesn't seem to at this point.
The last thing is to hang up your frame. As I mentioned this room is going to get painted and so Mark refused to hang my organizier up properly. I don't blame him. no sense doing something twice.

I am going to make a smaller version of this for the night stand. I seem to crawl into bed with earrings on a lot. Once, a long time ago, a diamond earring fell in the garbage can next to my bed. I didn't realize it until after the garbage was taken out and the city picked up the trash! I cried for a long time that day!

A unexpected result of this new organizer, I found so many lost earrings. I had about six or seven different little cups and containers for my earrings before the organizer. As I emplied each container and hung up the earrings I found lots of misplaced earrings. Good thing I never throw anything away. See,  it is good to recycle.

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