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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Canvas Dropcloth Curtains

I know the title sounds odd but I really did make curtains for my outdoor gazebo using painters drop cloths! The price was too low to believe!
This is what my curtains look like on the outside of the gazebo.

This is the view on the inside. I have been looking for a cheap, weather friendly, option for about five summers. Every year I give up on my dream of having coffee on the deck. This year started out the same. Another failed attempt at curtains. Pinterest to the rescue! I found several posts about using conduit pipe for curtain rods and drop cloths for curtains. Hubby was very concerned about this new option. 

Here is what I bought at Home Depot
Two 10 foot conduit pipes. ($2.55 each)
Two 6x9 foot drop cloths. ($12.00 each)
Two or three packages of clips with rings ($6.99 each)
(I forgot to keep the package. I found these in the curtain/curtain rod section. I also found these at Target in the curtain section.) Here is a picture of the clips.
The last item I bought was velcro strips. 

Here is what I did with the items above.
1. Slide the packages of hooks onto the pipe. 
2. Used the Velcro to attach the 10 foot pipes to the outside of the Gazebo frame. 
3. Cliped the drop cloth onto the hooks. 

The curtain will slide along the pipe to open and close the curtains. See picture below. 
I figure I spent under $40.00 for these curtains. I was looking at over $100.00 for blackout curtains in the past. The great thing about these curtains is I can throw them in the washer if necessary and replace yearly if something goes really wrong! 
I hope you found this useful! Enjoy! 
PS Let me know if you have questions. 

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