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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Clip board alternative

In my classroom I like to use clipboards to keep track of grading check off sheets and other lists. The problem with them is storing them when not in use. The clip is big and bulky. They don't stay stacked and I have half a dozen of them. I think I have found the solution.
As a Former Close To My Heart Consultant I bought some writing boards called Lap Boards. I like the concept but my classroom is black and white damask with accents of red. The bluish boards would not do. 
I took a broken binder apart and created this.
I covered the cardboard insert from the binder with a printed contact paper I found last fall. I cut a transparency sheet in half to create a clear pocket. I used a red sparkle "washi tape". I then added a binder clip at the top in place of the clip on a regular clip board. I used it for the last few weeks of school and really liked it! I plan to make a few more over the summer. It is easy to spot in a pile of papers but NOT bulky to store! The best of both worlds! Let me know if you have questions! 

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