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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Mother's Thoughts

My son, Nick Glassett, has started his own blog called Orign Leadership and I am so proud of him.

This is the boy who once told me that there was no point to reading. (About 16 years old.) He informed me that any good book gets made into a movie and so he could just watch the movie and there was no need to ever read.

Nick Sophomore Year

As a teacher and a READING teacher at that, I was speechless. I simply nodded and let it go. No sense arguing with a 16 year old who knows all about the world. I assumed that if reading was pointless writing was also not necessary.

Imagine my surprise when a few years ago Nick started talking about the books he was reading. I didn't let on about his statements from the past and his thoughts on reading. I listened and even bought a few of the books he was reading. I fascinated that he had changed his mind about reading. 

In July, Nick decided to start a blog. I was intrigued but cautious. periodically he would send me a link to a post he had written and I was always impressed with his writing. It is clear, concise and entertaining. He makes me so proud! I have always thought he was the brightest, funnest son a mom could have. But now, he is sharing it with the world. The world will see what I have always seen!

Nick, Boston and Michelle

So meet my smart, funny, talented, athletic, competitive, son! Click on the Who We Are tab and you can read all about this amazing son of mine, OK, OURS. His Dad had a lot to do with creating this great human!

He is now married to an amazing woman and they have a terrific little boy named Boston. Read his blog by clicking this link or the one above! He is a joy to be around and I can't wait to see what he writes about next!

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