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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nick's 26th Birthday

My oldest son will turn 26 in a week. Since he lives in Louisana I have to mail this off tomorrow. I doubt he looks at my blog so I don't think this will spoil the surprise. I copied the card from one taught by Sheila Bennett at Creative University last weekend in Coeur D'lene, Idaho. I didn't have the same paper or stamp set so I had to improvise. The other half of the gift is a Beer Label Tray. I got the tray at Pier One. It was supposed to be a photo tray. I took out the frames and had my husband cut a piece of hardboard the same size. I then used Mod Podge to glue down the labels. I collect labels constanly especially if we travel. I have gotten very good at peeling labels off bottles. There is a piece of plexiglass over the labels. I hope he likes it


  1. what an awesome idea! You are really good at this!!!

  2. Love the tray! Looks great!! Good job on the card - I need to try and recreate mine too!